Bottle-necking somewhere (profiling)

Hi, I’m optimizing my project whole week, disabled as much graphical features as I can and still can’t achieve even stable 30 fps on lowest settings. Today I finally decided to profile my game and I’ve got some interesting result (screens). I’m don’t understand almost anything, but there’s almost everything is red, so I think it’s bad. I’m also noticed that there’s too many “CPU Wait For xxx”, after some googling I’ve found out that CPU is waiting for GPU/memory/etc. I think it’s waiting for GPU in my case, but again I spent whole week to optimize rendering and my scene is just flat with 3 small rooms and pretty low poly interior. I’ve tried to: disable HDR, get rid of all dynamic lights, disable CSM/Distance Field/Dynamic Directional light/etc support in project settings, use legacy shade model, lowering texture resolution to 512, get rid of normals, use precomputed visibility, etc. But before all that I had 25 fps, and after that I still have 25 fps (it’s not fps lock, in menu I have 60). What else I can do? Or it means that ue4 is too heavy for mobile even nowdays?
Tested phone: Redmi Note 4x, Snapdragon 625, Adreno 506, 3 gb RAM