Bots with PhysicsAsset collision jump madly when colliding with each other

If bots being setup using PhysicsAsset collision, they jump madly when colliding with each other.
Could somebody please show me how to make them act normally, just like when they are setup using cylinder collision?

Please see details in the video…


Depending on the height of your collision cylinder, you may want to check your pawn’s stepHeight. They may just be stepping on top of one another, giving the impression they are jumping.

Edit: Also check ‘WalkableFloorZ’. This defines how steep of a gradient the pawns can climb.

Thank you very much. I’ll check it.

Also try with “bCanStepUpOn=FALSE” in Pawn properties.

And check the values of “MaxStepHeight” and “MaxJumpHeight”.

Anyway using the physics asset instead the cylinder is slow (and the walk and run animations are going up and down when the feets touch the floor).

Thank you for the suggestions.