Bot Pawn


I only have changed the Skeleton Mesh from ShooterGame-Example BotPawn and now he doesnt get damage anymore.
Someone have an idea why this happens ?

LG DarkSoe

Check the collision setting for the new skeletal mesh you replaced it with. Do this easily in the component mode under collision settings.

Whats the right settings there ?

what was the original skeletal mesh set to? The one you are replacing?

If anything, I tend to set the collision for pawns to Ragdoll. I find this to work best when creating shooting games where you need to fire a gun (raycasting) at a pawn. Does that make sense?

I tryed Pawn, CharacterMesh and Ragdoll, dont worked.

You’re providing too little information, there may be something else going on I don’t know about.

If I create a pawn, set its skeletal mesh to Ragdoll collision, I can shoot it with any weapons I create in BP and it will detect collision. It works, guaranteed. I would have to know more about what you are editing/doing to be able to help further.

I Created a ShooterGame instance. Changed the Skeleton Mesh from the BotPawn and made my own Bot AI with behavior tree. Thats all.
My Bot walks. Detect me and folow me. but if i shoot him. he now dont loose Health.

thats all i done so far.

Not 100% sure, but I believe ShooterGame changes the way the weapon causes damage based on its game mode. This is why changing the pawn no longer takes damage. I’m telling you from personal experience, do not use shooter game to create anything new. You will spend more time reverse engineering than spending time actually working on your project. The correct course is to try and learn whatever you have to with shootergame, then move on and create a new project from scratch and make your game.

Probably not the solution you wanted to hear, but it’s the fact.

If you really want to continue with shootergame, you will have to look through the source C++ code for the shootergame default weapon system in order to edit it to do what you need to do.

Okay. thanks for it.
I Changed Gamemode to ShooterGame FF and it works.

I think you are right. ShooterGame made me soo much problems i needet to resolfe in a ather projekt that start with a clean projekt an make all from scratch is best way. thanks so far.