Bot Battle Multiplayer Puzzle/Combat

Hey All

This is a game my team is working on (Currently named bot battle) and we just finished our first demo for it a couple nights ago. It is inspired from the game robo rally and we plan to add a bunch of our own twists to it. It’s a multiplayer pathing puzzle game where you program your robot to navigate obstacles and achieve an objective. We plan to have multiple game types, but the one in the screen shots is “collect all the programmer art glowy hex textured flag tiles”.

Some fun facts:

  • 98% of the project is in blueprints currently. (exception being one function and some slate stuff in the first pic)
  • We only have movement implemented, we plan on adding damage abilities and status effects.
  • This is all programmer art, next iteration is gonna have “real artz” :D.
  • We can support a lot of players at once.

The screen shot has Conveyor Belt Tiles, Teleporters, Pits, and a bunch of blue switches that turn those things on and off, as well as raise and lower the lines of walls.

Thanks for all the help in the forums and stuff, couldnt have done this without all the help!
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Small Update.

For any developers out there wanting to learn, i have an anonymous login for our bug tracker, where we also track features.

If you see a feature that you are curious about and would like to know how we do it, drop me a message.