Bot attack on AnwserHub

Looks like anwserhub got attacked by astrology spam bot or some user been infected spamming on his behalf.

It’s kind of odd considering custom registration of Unreal account

its gotten worse in the last day or two…UT forums dont get it after they split from Ue4 forum…i wonder if anyone has rung one of the phone numbers they all seem to have the +91 prefix which is india sometimes when there is a whole page at once you can see the same ph no is repeated…im sure someone at epic is trying to stop it… not always an easy task…whoever is doing it is putting the ph nos there for some reason

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Hi everyone,

This is something we are acutely aware of and have been doing our best to keep up with and eliminate the bots as they come. Trust me, it is thoroughly frustrating seeing the 20+ reports a day from “BaBa’s Love Magic”, and we are doing all that we can to ensure these posts get removed as quickly as humanly possible.

its not just these forums getting it either if you google “babas love magic” its hugely widespread on many different forums…it might be annoying at times but it wont stop anyone using the ue4 forums

Sometimes i catch them after their first or second posts, a couple of times in a row, then they start putting angry face in the thread titles.

Just to let you know. Ive managed to eliminate the bot spamming on my vbulletin forums by creating questions for registering. You can create your own questions, and if you have several on rotation then unless the bot sends the request to the author of the bot, they wont get through. Yes you will still have the bots lurking on the forums but they wont be able to post.

Hope that helps

Or do an instant ban if their first post contains certain keywords.

The problem is that technically these are not spammed by bots, but by actual men.

A Captcha rotating English language questions might be sufficient. I’m guessing the spammers may well not be able to answer them.

When this is mostly directed to a phone-number, couldn’t you just like ban everyone who uses that number in a Threads name? So the bot gets directly banned as soon as he makes a Thread.

This is the most simple and logical solution. I’m not sure why you don’t just do this.

It doesn’t stop the forum spam though.

The same applies for the forum, doesn’t it?

Afaik they’ve only started new threads so far so title filters should be enough but It’d probably work for other forum messages as well.

Being from India myself I am kinda ashamed and pained … apologies …


People who are thinking about buying and using UE might have questions they want to have answered first.

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to pop in and let you guys know that we are still looking into this and weighing what options we have available. I apologize for the spam inconvenience and we will strive to clean the forums up as efficiently as possible. This is very high on our priority list to ensure that our users get the best possible experience on the forums and the answerhub.

Right now we have 10 full pages in the General Discussion section of the forum full of black magic specialists, seriously Epic, at least you could use a restriction that prevent people from posting more than a few threads per hour.

The problem with that is, that those spammers always create new accounts -> so such a limit wont be effective. :frowning: