Boston Unreal Dev Meetup - Monday, January 18th!

Boston UE4 devs will be meeting on Monday, January, 18th, a few days after the Boston Festival of Indie Games. We’ll be joined by Epic’s Unreal Engine Community Manager Chance Ivey and some other Epic employees who will be in town.

We want people to come show off any projects they’re working on, whether it’s a demo, a rendering, some animation, or anything fun and I have three NVidia Shields to give away to folks who bring in their work - it will be an exciting time.

Where: Jacob Wirth Restaurant, 31 Stuart Street, Boston, MA (map)
When: 7:00 - 9:30pm, January, 18th, 2016
How to find us: [spoiler]Walk in past the bar, take a right at the host table, take another right after walking up the stair, see us in back by the window, buy a drink for the guy organizing and give a high five.[/spoiler]

Meetup Page

Hey, it was great meeting all you there Seth, Chance and Jess! Had a great time!