BossKey being full-time badmen

I’m not sure how long BossKey or Project Bluestreak have/has been around now, but how they’ve managed to get so much sexy with a small team in this amount of time I have no idea:

Concept art is sweet too…

Notice a few people giving them a bit of stick for just doing a level fly-through as a teaser. (Obviously not developers, or at least have no idea of the time it takes to put things together I guess). I dunno, some people seem to have it in for Cliff for some reason, the dudes like Marmite. I recognise one of the statues in the video as well… didn’t this badboy appear in the UE/UDK documentation at some point? Something about Subsurface Scattering? I always wonder how many assets Epic have in a big bank somewhere that we never get to see…


The visuals are definitely pretty nice, though I can’t help but wonder what the gameplay is going to be like.

Well everybody can only make guesses at this point, but the bets are on an arena shooter of some kind. I can’t imagine it’s anything particularly innovative, but they might surprise us… either way I know it’ll be a blast.

Be interesting to see what comes from these guys after this project too, I’d like to see them pull a huge surprise out of the bag.

Nice waterfalls!

Beautiful. Looks like it could be the next-gen Shadow Warrior!