I have stutied unreal docs about behavior tree, it doesnät yet work correctly, some errors, even I have done it with guide. Is there anywhere good tutorial where is made bossfight, I mean adding enemy,health,damage and dead? animation and character i also have and have done behavior tree, but not yet working correctly

Not sure why you think a “boss fight” would be anything different to any other character? There are lots of tutorials around for applying damage and killing characters on here.

It’s most likely same kind than any other fight, and yes I have find some tutorial which include enemy behavior and damaga, first i try to get enemy to follow player and I have done it 2 times like tutorial, but enemy not following, next problem:: a6235db69ebcde50c2ee0c494ab85b43b5bd52cd.png . I Have read that few other has had same problem year 2014, but there isn’t any way that how it was solved. So first i try to get enemy to chase player, and if that is working some day, then damaga and dead, but it is maybe very minor problem in behavior tree

now i get almost solved. Player can kill enemy (problem is that enemy is dead but is flying around map) and also enemy can kill player and player dead is normal