Boss ai. Tutorials?

Looking for tutorial recommendations on creating a boss AI .I cannot seem to find a shoot em up boss ai tutorial .There are plenty of third person boss tutorials but .Very few if any. regarding A simple shoot em up boss.I tried doing this myself but ended up tanking performance by using ridiculous methods of creating random bullet spawns etc .

(“using random integer in range and having tick check if lands on certain numbers for example”)

I am not a new user but i do learn slowly painfully so. I know i should be using arrays to achieve what i want. Or at least think that would be better than my approach. But never could get my head around them . Looking for tutorials .Ones that use a behaviour tree would be my ideal solution.Hope you can help thanks guys gals.

Hi @mr_starfire123 ,
Thats a strange question man,
I think you know how make the boss move from one position to another ,
how make him shot 100 bullets of type A toward the player, or in a special shape…
Since you said : you ended up taking performance by using ridiculous methods of creating random…
maybe we could talk about this kind of “coding”?

for example you know that you can fill up an array with anything and then shuffle it?
So you can just loop all the array but getting randomness ?