Borderless windowed mode

I know this has been mentioned before, but I haven’t found an answer anywhere yet. I can set to windowed mode through script by running the console command:

SCALE SET Fullscreen true

However this is not borderless. I see other UE3 games that have borderless window, so just curious if anyone knows how it can be done.

Thanks in advance.

By borderless you mean full screen without borders right?For me if i type in the console command setres 1920x1080f its borderless.

I know i have searched for borderless in the udk archived forum a year ago and there were a lot of results.The thing is that the search button is broken.I did informed Stephen Ellis about it a week ago but still no result.If you want send a moderator a message so that they fix the search options and you will have more chances that way.

On the other hand,this might not be of use,but on steam there is a app called Borderless Gaming that helps with those things but it will not be part of the udk solution.

setres 1920x1080f is just regular fullscreen, not borderless.
borderless is windowed mode without the window borders which means you can make the window exactly as big as your desktop resolution (so it looks like fullscreen) but with the pros and cons of using windowed mode (no vsync but you can alt-tab really quickly)

UE3/UDK does not have borderless support out of the box. some UE3 games have the feature because they modify the engine source to allow it (we did it at work with M&M-HeroesVII)
so if you want borderless you’ll have to look somewhere else than the UDK code because it simply doesn’t exist. maybe some external hack/software can achieve it - if you find something keep us posted!