Border Issue With Child Slots UMG


Back Here With Another Issue :P.

This time the problem in getting is with UMG. So Basically what im doing is i have Slot Widget Blueprint with These things:

And Im Just Trying to Drag And Drop this Widget Slot on to another Widget like so:

However im getting this weird Issue that im getting these weird border along with the Slots.
Its not with how im setting the images because even if i dont do it that thing still appears since the non set images default to white Tint image. Here how its looking like:


There might be a really simple Fix to this but i cant figure it out :/.

Thanks for this. there was padding on my images which i didnt even add. :confused: just removed the padding and that solved it

Do you have padding on your button in the InventorySlot widget? It does look like this is the background color of the button.


Some widgets just come with default padding, and you need to remove these manually :slight_smile: