Ive got this setup so when I craft it spawns the item on the crafting table sockets that ive designated. It checks that the Boolean is false, And if it is, it knows that socket is empty then spawns the item in the selected socket. after the item has been spawned in the socket I set the Boolean to true, so it then knows that the socket is full.

If I don’t close the crafting window it will spawn in the right sockets and will not use the same socket twice and when full it will not craft anything else.

However if I close the crafting window and then craft again it will spawn the item in the first socket even though its been set to true. Does anyone know why the Boolean is resetting itself to its default value when I reopen the crafting window.


How are you dismissing the widget? Are you setting visibility to hidden/collapsed, or are you removing widget from parent? If you are removing the widget, then it will recreate a new widget with all new variables.