Boolean Variable inside Function not changing

I’m having trouble with the local variables in a Function when using a true/false boolean. The said variable will always keep the default setting, no matter what the set node for it is.

I must be missing a prior setting somewhere? Or could there be a bug? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Unless I misunderstood you badly that’s the whole point of a local variable - it only persist when in scope, it does not retain its state between calls. Either pass data to the function or have it fetch a non-local variable.

If in doubt, show us an example.

I’ve been told my terminology is a bit confusing, haha. But thanks for replying. I managed to get a sitdown with a friend and have it laid out.

Now I understand that with blueprints, the functions are constantly being updated or re-run if being called from the Event Tick. So my bools were always being ‘reset’ because they weren’t plugged into the main line, just terminating off on its own , and as you said, don’t retain their state. (I was under the impression that they operated like the regular main blueprint bools and kept state, even if it was localized in the function and applied to just that function)

So long story short, I’m not able to do what I wanted to do with blueprints. Either will have to do it with C++, or use normal Bools. Thanks for the help.