Boolean Setting But Not Triggering Animation

So this is an odd occurrence surely. Perhaps its not though.

I am fairly new to Unreal and still have much to learn. However my knowledge is surely good enough to know that my current situation seems odd and off.

I am sending an interface message from my enemy BP to my enemy anim BP to cause a death animation. Currently I am just checking and trying to make a death animation happen so I only have an idle animation and a death animation in my state machine. When the interface message is sent, it changes a boolean to true which then should trigger the death animation, however, it does not. So I used a ‘print string’ to see if the boolean was in fact being set to true. It was being set to true. I moved on to other testing methods like just setting the boolean in the anim BP event tick. This also did not work. Next test: set the boolean with the anim BP event begin with a 3 second delay, the animation fires off no problem.

So now here I am very confused. The animation fires off only with the animation blueprint event begin. So I know it can fire off but why only on the event begin play can it be fired off?

Probably something else you are doing wrong.

If you set a boolean and just use it as the transition it will always work. Independent of whatever causes its value to change.