Boolean problem

Hi im making level unlocking system but there is one problem. When the player go into the trigger box (finish line) it suppost to open Main menu and unlocked level2 but it doesnt work. It doesnt even open Main Menu widget. In the first picture is trigger box and the other picture shows Main Menu. Can someone help ?

After the box has been triggered you need to cast to your save game object to save the bool in there then load game from slot in the widget event graph to access that bool

Hi im not sure what u mean. Can u send screenshot?

How did you set the “set game ref”? Where did you create that variable?

In the picture is my game ref,its in Main Menu widget. Your first picture start with on clicked event so it belong to Main Menu widget ? And second to trigger box? On my second picture i donk know how to make that connection between “cast to MysaveGame and Save game slot” its connected but there is not that blue point in between and also i should unconnect set levelunlocked 2 boolean is it ok ?