Boolean printing default value new set value

So, I did a simple boolean variable test that, when V is pressed, the value changes between true and false and print the result. BUT it looks like the bloolean is returning the Default value AND the new set one. Is that a bug or am I missing something here?

When game begins

After V pressed

Everything Works fine. You sure you dont have another Blueprint changing that Value? Uncheck the “Find in Current Blueprint Only” in your Search. If it still Bugs out for some reasson try to recreate the Nodes.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve created the variable IsMovable just for this test, so there is no other place that could’ve been changing its value. There is no other reference either, just the 2 'set’s and 1 ‘get’.

Hmm than Im kinda out of wisdom at that Point… Can you add a Breakpoint on the Set Nodes? The only explanation I got that your V key is on some sort of Autofire mode x)