Boolean on Input Movement makes movement stuttered

I’m using a boolean to check if I am in a trigger box whenever I fire my directional movement input . I am teleporting the player actor to specific transforms when I am in the trigger box and also pressing left or right. This gives me the desired effect when I am in the trigger box.

The problem is when I am moving left and right and am not in the trigger box.
The movement becomes stuttered because it is checking if I am in the trigger box, I move left or right for a few seconds and then the movement stops untill I press left or right again or jump.

Is there a way to set this up without using the boolean, or make it so the player doesn’t stutter movement?
Thank you,

I’m sure you have functional reasons as to why you’ve set up like this.

But I don’t understand why you’re not just using “OnBeginOverlap” events for your trigger boxes?

I’m not sure however that the Booleans are actually causing the problem. I don’t see why a no-output false pin would cause any delay in input as there is nothing to update or to cause delay.

As I’ve said delay so much, you’re not using any delay nodes further on in the blueprint are you?