Boolean not working

I tried to create a widget that should appear once when i enter a triggerbox and disappear when i press S. The appearing animation works perfectly but the disappearing one never starts…
This is how I made it:

It seems that the boolean “Press S true” is not correctly set or get.

Hello ,

After taking a quick look at your issue I realized that your widget is never going to check to see if the boolean has changed. The Event Construct is only going to run once when the widget is add to the view port. You could cast to the widget using the create widget node and pull out a reference to the animation. This will allow you to play the animation using the ‘S’ key. I have provided an example below. I hope that this helps.


In my example I have added a widget to the view port when I enter a trigger box. I then pulled out a reference to that widget’s animation and used the ‘S’ key to play the animation.

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Thank you very much! It was just as you said.