Boolean (like Maya does) and Transformation Tools

Hey guys, i’ve got a quick question. Not sure if this was covered in other subjects. Sorry if it was. I’m somewhat new to UE4.
I’m a Maya user trying to learn as much as i can on UE4 and it’s been fun but i’ve got a wee problem.

Boolean. How does one subtract or punch a hole in another object? In Maya, you can do alot but in UE4, I’m not really sure. How do i boolean into a shape like a cabin for example. I made my own wood logs using the polyedit tool and adding a cylinder and applying wood material to it. Now i can’t seem to boolean the shape to add windows etc.

Another thing is, Transformation tools. The rotation tool in Maya is fabulous as you can rotate anywhere instead of following exact axis that may have a world or box (if selected cycle gizmo). The select and roation any which direction is annoying in UE4. Is there another tool in UE4 that makes for better transforming of objects?

You can learn UE4 by using Maya with this tool:

It allows you to control UE4 from the Maya UI while having a UE4 viewport.

If you want to use the Maya rotation tool you can and that is the case with many other tools.