Boolean Function to return true or false

Hi everyone

I’m having a simple problem with Unreal Engine 4, in my character Blueprint i have a flashlight and i can toggle the visibility and everything but i’m now making a actor blueprint that’s just a trigger box that have to read if the characters flashlight is on or off.i know how to cast to the character have a few functions that work like that but im unable to call the variable it have to go thru a function that determinate if the flashlight is active or not, how do i return a value thru a function, any advice would be appreciated.

and lastly, can i make a function loop with a delay. for example i have health and then i have save point when i stand on it, it restores my health but it stores it fully automatically because the function that is called is set it back to 100 but i want it to recharge slowly so it looks better so in a function i want to +5 Hp every second but im unable to add a delay inside a function, so i thought i make the function only restor 5 hp and then loop the function a few times until the result is hp = 100, but no luck so far, that’s not as important as the top suggestion but any advice in any matter would help or link to a page where i can read more about it, my searches haven’t gotten me far yet…

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I’m not sure why you’re unable to call that variable, can you post a picture of your blueprint?

For health regen, you can increase the players health (should be a float, not an integer) by Delta World Seconds * [Number of HP regenerated per second] every tick (or you can have it on a 0.1s tor 0.05s timer)

to get your variable make sure it’s editable or the eye is active

for health regen

Iam not sure if you meant it that way but, this is how you can use different return values for 1 function

(its not about the bp itself… use a local variable wich you can set in many code branches and then in the end just return that value - “return bool” of type boolean in this case)

Hi thank you all for the posts It’s helping a lot I have found a few glitches in my B-P coding, just one question about the event tick is there a way to turn it on and off , because i just want the Regen at a certain spot,

and thank you my flashlight problem have been resolved :slight_smile:

No, event tick will always fire. You can of course use a condition node (i.e. branch, switch, etc…) after the tick to enable/disable the connection yourself. If I understand you correctly, you’d only like to increase health when your character is standing in a specific location?? If so, you could set a boolean using the ‘on actor begin/end overlap’ triggers from a trigger volume.