Boolean from axis value

I am trying to achieve a simple task but somehow not getting the results I expected, starting to be clueless what I am missing.

All what I try to do is get a boolean value, depending on comparison of the axis value.

What happens with this simple blueprint, is that initially it prints ‘false’, after pressing the button it returns ‘true’, but when I then release the button it still stays ‘true’. When I print the axis value directly I can clearly see it increment and decrement in steps of 0.001 between 0 and 1.

I’ve tried the same blueprint with a '‘Gamepad Left Trigger Axis’ event, then it works as expected…

Also tried mapping the axis, used the ‘CompareFloat’ function, tried a ‘!=’ instead of ‘>’. It all gives me the same results so hope somebody can’t point me on the thing I don’t seem to see…

So this is either something weird about the ‘MotionController (L) Grip1 Axis’ event or I am just being plain stupid :slight_smile:

Somebody with motion controllers who can help me out? It is driving me nuts and it more and more feels like a bug…

Documentation doesn’t state anything out of the ordinary:

Use a CompareFloat from the axis value!