boolean error when build

When building the lighting i got an error message with several of my large “bleuprint” actors saying the following: "[Actor] : Large Actor casts a shadow and will cause an extreme performance hit unless bUseBooleanEnvironmentShadowing is set to true

A large Actor has been set to cast shadows - this will cause extreme performance issues and should have bUseBooleanEnvironmentShadowing set to true."

Since im not firmilliar with coding, im hoping there is a way to change this in the editor itself?.. But im geusing no…

I’ve been unable to find much info on this… is this coding that needs to be done on the actor, or does it have something to do with the lightsource coding?

And also does anyone know if its possible to add code to these already created blueprints or will i need to recreate them with code enabled from the start?

Have you been able to solve this issue? I’ve just developed the same problem and would really like to find a solution, rather than rebuild.

Add this to defaultengine.ini

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Do you happen to know under which sections to add this?

It worked for me and Im on UE 5.2.1