Boolean don't want to play pool *cough*

Hi guys,
I builded a inspection system for items you can take to look and read some text. This works almost flawless with some minor problems, but this isn’t the issue here.

I also added an outline to the object, when the player looks to the object and is close enough. Works, too.
The problem ist, thes outline should dissapear, when the player is inspecting the object.

So I thought I take the bool from the end of the HUD chain, when the HUD is created.
When the player is inspecting, the bool sets to true and when the widget gets destroyed, to false.

In my logic this is a good indication for the outline system, when he has to work and when not.
But it doesn’t - what do I wrong?

Is the bool variable stored inside the Widget blueprint? If it is, then the variable wont exist later when you want to check it because the thing running the code (which is the widget) is destroyed already.

Can you try printing the value in Event Tick? To see if the value is the one you are expecting. If the value is right, then the logic is wrong. If the value is wrong, you need to fix that first. Maybe something is resetting it, maybe there’s more than 1 instance, etc