Bool value wont change on event


I would put in a print statement to make sure the cast is not failing, as you have nothing pinned to that. Also put in a print statement right after the “Spot Player” node, to ensure that it is firing. This should give you a bit more information concerning what is going on.


I’m having a little problem with a bool value that doesn’t change when an event trigger the change. I’ve made a character that spawns a scout, when the scout overlaps the player it should change the value of the bool value in the character so it can fire his event. I’ve debugged the scout to see if it wasn’t a overlap problem but it’s not. If anyone can help me and explain why the bool doesn’t change it would be greatly appreciated. here’s a pic of the BP of the scout

the event is firing but the cast is failing with the prints, no name is displayed i need to find another way

i’ve madi it work by getting all actors from class, get and pinning the output in the input of the event