Bool not changing when i press a button

Like i said in the title when i press F in game it turns the light on and off but only plays one of the animations so i’m taking a guess that the bool is not changing, Thanks for any help in advance :smiley:

Do a → toString → Print String on the bool and you will see what the bool’s value is. I’d wager it’s something with the animation. Post your results and we’ll find out!

Thanks for the reply! When i get home today i’ll try that. Thanks!

Heh this is much easier than that… you have the bool defaulted to False, so it will always execute to FALSE on the branch unless you are setting that bool somewhere else to TRUE, which I doubt you are. What you could do, since it’s a toggle, is use a toggle node :wink: It’s called FlipFlop.

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Here is the blueprint script and the print that happens in the game when i press F, It just keeps reading False, False, False ect… So any help would be amazing. Thanks :smiley:

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Thanks man :smiley:

Next time you have a question be sure to show the blueprint and properties. It helps helpers out a ton :slight_smile: