Bool between level and character blueprints

So I’m lookning for a way to send a simple bool between my first person character blueprint and my level blueprint.
I wanna set it in first person character and get it in level.
So far I’ve made my bool global (with the eye-lid), set it in first person character, cast to in level blueprint, but then I can only set it, not get it!

Probably a noob question, but I would really appriciate your help.

Assuming your boolean is inside the Character Controller and marked as public (yellow eye beside boolean):

That’s great! Though I get one error.
‘First Person Character’ does not inherit from ‘Player Controller’ (Cast To FirstPersonCharacter would always fail)

Hello Martin,

I’ve set up something like this in my level blueprint, where I can cast to the Third Person Character and get the bool from that blueprint. Is this similar to what you are trying to achieve?

Well yes. But the problem is the same as I get with the answer under - I use Event Tick and don’t have ‘Other Actor’. So I don’t get any correct input in the ‘Object’ of the Cast To node.

Though it worked with Get Player Character instead of Get Character Controller! :smiley: So all good here and thanks for your help!