Books Pack

Books Pack

A small pack, that contains some models of books and magazines. Each type will have closed state and opened. Some of the models will have half-open state. Pack will also include some textures for each type. Materials for those books will support oldness, burned and torn effects, so u can make ur books to fit the game atmosphere. Moreover, the pack has Actor blueprint that allows you to set the book’s type, its state, texture and condition very quickly.


  • Medium book model(Open & Closed, half opened)
  • Thin book(Opened, Closed, half)
  • Thick book(O & C, half)
  • Magazine(Opened & Closed)
  • Texture templates to make own textures
  • Material, that has Oldness and Burned parameters
  • Blueprint for fast book place and setup

WIP(or not started):

  • Improve burn and oldness effects
  • Torn mat parameter
  • More textures
  • LODs
  • Maybe 4-6 more models
  • More functional material

Additional Info:**
All textures are 4k res.
Polys: Med. book Closed - 126, Med. book Opened - 274, Mag. Closed - 12, Mag. Opened - 168.

Early Preview:

P.S. Sorry about lags :frowning:
Previous video:

I’m currently working on new models and materials, so everything you see in the video is just a preview. Something may be different in release.

I’m planning to set the price on 5$(If Epic will accept, of cource), but if I add more stuff then I expected, the price will be 10. Anyway, any price or pack suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

Made more books to choose from.

2015-01-06 00-03-42 Books - Unreal Editor.png

Btw, maybe anyone knows, why there are that weird shadows on the books? It only appears, when they lay on a surface :frowning:

just throwing this out there is your demo level set up with dynamic lighting or static lighting i had similar issues with things prior to changing my level to dynamic

Thanks, that helped :slight_smile:

Btw, use commas, its a bit hard to understand you.

yeah, sorry about that. been typing english for 26years and still forget the small things :frowning:

This is great! I’m definitely on board to get this! As a writer of Unreal Engine books, if you need any covers or anything - I’d love to give you the front / back covers of my Unreal Engine book to add an extra cover to your collection if you’d like!

Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Here is the new video, that shows material setup from construction script. You can setup the book u like pretty quickly. I also planning to add Randomize function.

P.S. Sorry about lags :frowning:

Special thanks to Rayan Shah (KitatusStudios) that allows me to use his Unreal Engine 4 books covers! Here is the link to his works:

Looks great! Can’t wait for the release: As soon as it’s out, It’s a day-one purchase from me! I can’t wait to put my book into my game :stuck_out_tongue: