Bookman's Custom Noise Texture Pack Vol1

Hi Gang,

Here is the link to my Custom Noise Texture Pack that Released today!

Here also is a Tutorial that I made to help Illustrate it’s Intended use.

Please enjoy! And I should be able to answer any question you guys and gals have about it.

Also if you have requests for future Related Content I have a few ideas my self, but I do want to hear from all of you too!

Thanks a bunch,


I’m completely unable to download this from the launcher (both today and yesterday).

[2016.07.08-20.43.20:058][554]FInstallVaultItemCommandBase: Download Error: Request Failed, AppName: CustomNoiseVol1

I have the same problem…

Someone seriously needs to look into this, EPIC staff, or author. This pack in not downloading. We paid for something and we received nothing.

This is completely on Epic’s end, sellers are powerless in this situation. You’ll have to contact them at and inform them that the package isn’t downloading.

On a somewhat related note, I believe I saw some people mentioning the marketplace was down for maintenance yesterday. This could be a side effect of that.

Good enough, Thank you, Jon. Most cases than not, complaining on the forums is a whole lot faster than a 3-day wait for an email reply.

That depends, trust me. =P

I’ll go ahead and make a thread in the creator’s forum just in case this issue is more widespread as it was last time.

That sounds bad, lol. Thank you for your help, Jon. Much appreciated. We, or at least I, will patiently wait and work on something else.

Sent an email to Marketplace support. Let’s hope it is a fast turn around.

Don’t mention it. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. =)

I know it’s a problem on Epic’s end
I bought more 100 assets including your and It is not the first time that I have problems with this marketplace (some still open for weeks)
But there are a lot of things can not be justified especially for recharge on the price, these include slow updates end super slow email support…
I recommend you going on Gumroad or Sellfy also.
I prefer to shop elsewhere for NOW, especially 3d models, saving time and money

The slow updates are due to Epic’s staff being too small to handle the amount of requests. This is something we have been complaining about for a while now. Email support is the same (I’m assuming you’re referring to It takes weeks just to get a response some times, and then more weeks for action.

I have actually decided to put future assets on Gumroad until the marketplace becomes worth the 30% we are giving to them. Many other sellers in the creator’s hub are unsatisfied with how things are going and the amount we are giving them for a very lacking service It’s easier to give customers the experience they deserve on other marketplaces that don’t tie our hands behind our back and demand high royalties.

Hey @Rallii, @Thunderstruck and @mittense! I don’t know if you were able to reach them through the support line, but I wanted to let you know they have acknowledged the issue in the Creator’s Hub and are looking into it. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. =) If anyone is experiencing this with any other packs, let us know on the forums so we can direct their attention to it as well.

Hey guys,

Just a quick update, we are currently looking into this issue and should be resolved within a moment. I will keep you guys posted once I have further news. If you run into any further issues with downloading any item on the Marketplace, you can reach me through PM and I will gladly have the update team look into the problem. :slight_smile:

hopefully, I have bought it July 7

UPDATE: Bookman’s Custom Noise Texture Pack Vol1 is back online! Try reloading your launcher and try to download the pack once more. If you have any further problems with the pack, please let us know.



I hope the wait was worth it!

Thanks for the help Reuben. =)

Downloading now.

Thank you, Reubitron.

Regarding the tutorial: You spent a lot of time on this. You want the tutorial to be detailed. I understand!
I would suggest upping the tempo. If someone misses something, they can always skip back. Or you can have a fast one, and a detailed one.

Or, to put another way:
If you want to sell these textures, if the tutorial isn’t dragging something into the workspace with visible effects within 5 seconds of starting playback, you’re losing the customer.

Yay it works! Thank you!