[BOOK] Master the Art of Unreal Engine 4: Creating a 3D Point and Click Adventure!

Hey everyone! I know this isn’t normally what you’d see in this section, but as it’s a Work in Progress and is created in and for Unreal Engine 4, I think this is best home for it!

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Anyhow, without further ado. Here’s the next big thing I’ve been working on:


**Desc: **“Master the Art of Unreal Engine 4: Creating a 3D Point and Click Adventure” is book (Free e-book or physical book for the price of printing costs!) that helps teach people how to create games that play similar to Telltale Game’s titles such as The Walking Dead, Sam & Max .etc

Also serving as a re-creation / re-write of the first two “Master the Art of Unreal Engine 4” books, “Creating a 3D Point and Click Adventure” helps ease people into Unreal Engine 4 by doing simple tasks to bring their 3D Point and Click project to life!

Covering the absolute basics all the way up to create dedicated functions in Blueprints and packaging projects, the book offers clear-cut steps, while at the same remaining laid-back and an enjoyable experience (As game making should be fun, not walls of boring text!)

By the end of the book, readers will be comfortable in their own abilities and (Hopefully!) will have learnt the skills needed to create any project of their own in Unreal Engine 4 with the power of Blueprints!

Unlike my previous books, this book also covers HOW and WHY things work, without bombarding the reader with information after information. This means that the reader learns the important stuff without being bored out of their heads!

Here is just a taster of what is covered in the book:

  • Creating (And playing!) an interactive scene
  • Basics of multiple-choice gameplay
  • Manipulating the camera with Blueprints
  • Using Matinee / UMG to create a AAA* looking scene
  • Packaging a Game
  • Creating our own controls!
  • Importing files from other projects
  • Basic Inventory System
  • Building lighting, Navmeshes and more!
  • Blueprints: How to use them and how it’s almost like child’s play!
  • What is the difference between an Int, Float, Bool .etc

Much… Much More!

The e-book version is 100% free and will be released in the upcoming weeks!

The book is created for new users to the engine, as well as written for seasoned Unreal Engine 4 developers who know their way around but want to brush up on their knowledge / skills (Trust me, it was hard to write for both ground in one-go!). I’ve tried super-hard to make sure sure it’s friendly to people new to game development as a whole too!

At the moment, the book rocks in at over 220 pages, all filled to the brim with information, images, descriptive writing, all written in a laid-back and easy to digest way. I mean what’s the point on learn how to do something as fun as creating video-games if you have bore yourself silly just learning how to do things?

Some of you may have noticed that the whole “KITATUS” thing has slightly expanded since the first two books. We now have our own site! Creatively titled “KITATUS” (I mean, what else was I going to call it?" :wink: - The site focuses on not only Unreal Engine 4, but game development as a whole!

The best part? NOT ONLY do we focus on Unreal Engine 4 AND Game Development as a whole, but we also focus on how they both work together! (How you can use Unreal Engine 4 in all aspects of your video-game development adventures!)

As you can tell, the website is still in early days. It’s quite basic (As it’s all out of my own pocket and thanks to the donations of very beautiful people on THESE forums! <3) but I hope it will grow and improve as time goes on.

The whole “Information shouldn’t be behind a paywall” philosophy that was the core behind “KITATUS” and KITATUS as a whole has come a long way but I feel we have a long way to go before I can say that is something that inspires others to follow suite, but I am definitely proud of where the project has come from and where it will hopefully go in the future!

I mean, if you would’ve told me a few years ago that I’d quit my job to focus on helping others for the price of totally nothing full-time, I’d have looked at you a bit dumb-founded but here we are and I couldn’t be more happier.

This labour of love (Both the books and the site) have come from both myself and my beautiful other half Scarlett, whose saved my butt more then once in the journey of bringing the books and site to life.

So I hope you enjoy everything and are looking forward to the point and click book!

By the way, the site also has it’s own forums, but unlike here, it’s more based upon Game Development theory then any one software package: Such as de-constructing your favourite games with other forum readers so you can tell what you work in future projects / what should NEVER be repeated again .etc

If all of this sounds like your cup of tea, you know where to go! http://www.kitatus.co.uk

When the book is completed, I’ll be posting in my thread over in the Community Content section (Of these forums!) with a link to the free download (Which is now hosted on my “own” server)! Nothing will change with each book release, apart from the fact that the download and book itself will be hosted on my own site as opposed to Google Drive’s servers, which seem to cripple every time more then five of you view it at once :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, I’m looking on feedback for it, and I hope you’re all looking forward to the upcoming book!

The book after the Point and Click book will be all about re-creating a PS1-Era 3D RPG (Think Final Fantasy 7 / Legend of Dragoon) with pre-rendered backgrounds, a world map, a battle system - The works! All within Blueprints!

Once that is completed, I’ll be focusing ALL my efforts onto “So You Want To Make Video-Games?” <- More on that in the future!

Anyhow, I’ve rabbited on enough. I hope you enjoy, any comments or whatnot is greatly appreciated.

Much love everyone! :slight_smile:

P.S If you enjoy the site / like the look of the upcoming book, please thank Scarlett (Just a post in this thread will do!) as she’s not only helped immensely get it done but she’s helped fund it AND stuck up with me working 24/7 getting everything ready for you all! Trust me, writing books is super-hard work and it takes a LOT of time to do it right!

Peace out everyone!

Oh nice, your other books helped a ton. Glad you are helping.

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the effort for those books and for this one as well, looks promising!
Can’t wait to check the new one :slight_smile:

Congrats guys :slight_smile:

Thanks Nicolas! :>

Really looking forward to this, you are a great asset to the community.

Cheers :slight_smile: What a lovely comment ^.^

This is the exact reason why I wont hesitate to recommend the unreal engine to others, not only is it a flexible and powerful engine but the community just makes it that much better. Kudos to you, and I look forward to checking it out.

Thanks Laz84! :smiley:

You’re the reason I’m going ahead with my game Kitatus, your books helped out a great deal :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for all the help you’re providing.

I’m glad I could help! :smiley: