Bones too large in re-targeted animations?

I have retargeted my animations to a new character, and the bone sizes are very broad and bulky for the arms and shoulders.
I’m wondering what is causing this, because when I retarget to other characters, including females, it keeps their proper skeleton size.

When playing an animation the bones are too big and disproportionate:
(For some reason I can’t upload the pics to Unreal, database error so I put them on imgurl):

But when in reference pose, the bones are proper?

I have already tried setting the bone’s Translation Retargeting to Skeleton in persona, as well as Animation scaled and relative, none of which worked.
Any help is appreciated!

Usually this means that you scaled the bones in your 3D app. If you scale something then apply the new scale so everything is scaled 1.0 before you export.

Difficult to answer without taking a look at the skeleton, character and pose/animation in detail.

Usually when that happens either your skeleton mapping is wrong or the pose/animation comes from a character that simply has too different geometry (i.e. original character was bigger).

Make sure the target char skeleton is 100% OK before importing to UE4.
Before retargeting check mapping and advanced mapping of source and destination skeletons VERY carefully and make 100% sure there’s no error in there.

If that doesn’t help then after retargeting on the target skeleton select “show retargeting options” and try changing the affected bones (shoulder) “translation retarget” from “animation” to skeleton. Keep playing with the “translation retarget” a bit - maybe you need to recursively change the translation.

If all that doesn’t help then most probably the pose/animation simply isn’t suitable for your character. Especially if the size, muscles or weight of the source/target characters are too different it will look stupid.

You are totally right lol
I do remember scaling the bones in Maya. Thank you both for the responses!