I come from a Source Engine background and a feature I dearly miss is something Valve dubbed bone merging. An animated mesh that was parented to a mesh and was “bonemerged” would inherit bone position and rotation from the parent for any bones that the two meshes had in common. This is particularly useful for first person in an FPS where the hands and the weapon would be individual meshes but the animation needs to be in sync with one another.

Is there something I’m missing as I can’t see an equivalent feature in Unreal? You are able to attach meshes to a socket but this is limited in a lot of ways and can’t share animation in the same way. If anyone has a good idea on how such a thing would be possible I’d like to hear it.

It’s not well documented, but I think what you’re looking [FONT=Courier New]FSkeletalMeshMerge

Alternatively, there’s also SetMasterPoseComponent that allows you to have one master skeletal mesh (perhaps a character’s body), and additional “slave” skeletal meshes that will follow the pose and animation of the master pose component.

Thanks Jeff, I’ll look into it.