Bonemeal Fertierlizer Only

So I have Primitive + but I am not impressed with a lot of the items. The Bonemeal on the other hand is a wonderful time saver and I wanted to replicate it as a stand alone mod. Since I have never done this before I am a bit at a loss on how to get the correct BP items and Static meshes I will need for this. I grabbed what I thought I needed but some confirmation would be helpful from more experienced modders. I wish to also turn this into a Engram that must be learned to unlock.

Items in folder:

Also I wanted to attach it to the Mortar and Pastel from the core game. That part I am at a total loss on…How much of the Mortar and Pastel files will I need to get it to show up as a recipe?

Sorry, I know I ask a lot but I am confused and the tutorials I have tried to watch are making things much different then the simple approach I believe I am taking.

Thank you for your time,