BoneBreaker - FREE Blender plugin for mannequin animation

Hey everyone!
With version 0.2b just out of the oven I figured I’d share it here.
Aptly inthe animation section since this is what the script is meant to allow everyone to do.

What is it?
A way to get Blender to play nice with the Unreal Mannequin.

Simply put, you load the FBX, you run the script, you animate by keying the rig, you select layer 10, you key that too individually (for now) and then you can effortlessly export it to an unreal ready mannequin compatible animation.

I’m expanding the scope of the script daily until I have it doing what I want it to do, there may be bugs.
This has not been tested in 7.9. If it doesn’t work I’ll have to look at it, someone let me know here or via PM :wink:

You can grab the scripts right here.

Live update :slight_smile:

I have given the script a proper UI and transformed it into a full on add on.

With tomorrow’s update to make all the buttons work and a couple of rounds of testing the project will likely be finished.

Update 1.5 is live folks.

While this is currently pointless, progress has been made towards allowing editing of incoming animations.
The constructed rig can now follow the FBX animation which is a start in the right direction to allow us all to edit any exported animation however we need.

hey this is so cool Thank you for your hard work.

No problem.
Just finished up and released the new version.

All buttons working and the animation editing system is mostly working as intended as well.

I’ll be fixing the fingers tomorrow so that I can call this 100% done :wink:

Here’s a fresh screenshot just to show the new button/functions.

Just a question.
Can I use this add-on for use mannequin skeleton with other models??

Great work - thanks for sharing!

Keep up the good work!

All done guys. Version 2.2 is live and has full on finger animations working. I’m making a couple of “how to” videos to share :slight_smile:

excellent , thanks for the share and the videos .

Hey all, latest version is out, now including a somewhat stable release for blender 2.8
Download and details on page, but for convenience sake, here’s a usage video :wink:

New version release - 2.6
Improved just about everything with blender 2.8. The workflow is now much better and it allows us to speedily adjust animations with ease just as intended.

Here is a Blender 2.8 workflow

New version for blender 2.8 is up. allowing for better hand control and shoulder twist!

[USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] Does this work with characters other that the epic mannequin?

It’s meant to work on animating the skeleton - if you transfer the weight groups you can easily have any mesh display instead of the mannequin.
That said, it’s not intended to be utilized with other “characters” of differing bone structure, but it potentially could if the skeletal structure was similar enough to be preserved in the first place. The script aims to preserve whatever other “additional” bones may be included in the incoming “fbx” file, with the correct parenting and position.

The thing is, if you have any Maximo or other non inverted bone structure, you don’t really need anything other then the rigify plugin, so unless you created your own structure for whatever reason and now need to transfer ready to go animations onto the epic skeleton I don’t really see a reason to do all the work needed.

Just pushed another small update that I needed to push to be able to properly animate walk cycles. The next update, when I wrap my brain around how, will be to properly do the same thing for the shoulder positions, which cannot currently be pasted as opposite (due to the bone structure of the original bones).

What’s up everyone?
Finally addressed the issue with the shoulders and copying the opposite.
One can now create a swim cycle in around 3 minutes :slight_smile:

Hey all, announcing yet another update, we are up to version 3.3

as I work to refine my own game I noticed that somewhere somehow the IK follow system was disabled. I have restored it and removed any option for it not to work by just linking bones internally within the generated rig.

What does that mean? Essentially nothing too important for your avarage needs.

As you probably know you can easily move the IK bones into position by using animation nodes, so you don’t necessarily need to animate the IK bones.

however, when optimizing and creating custom IK systems it can be very beneficial to be able to skip the copy transform step. Particularly for the overhead generated by performing the extra/needless copy calculation.

Best of luck to all.


First of all, congratulations for your work and thanks for sharing this with all of us.

My question is… can I export a normal animation from Unreal to fbx (no IK at this point) and then import it on Blender, apply your plugin and modify that animations with IK applied??

if the answer is yes…Any requirement about skeleton or mesh?


The answer is yes, the requirement is that the animation uses the mannequin, so if you have an animation you made that does not, re-target with unreal and create a copy, then export using the mannequin.

The video (right on the download page) covers the how to.

What is the blender version? I tried with the latest from yesterday and it installed fine.
You just need to select the Zip File and it should do everything else by himself.
at worse you may have to manually search for “bonebreaker” in the plugins to find it but it should be there or error out and return some reason for the error…