Bone weight problem with some animation


I export my animations from blender. Most times it works, however sometimes some part of the mesh doesn’t placed according to the bones. If I change some key in blender in the critical body part it solves the problem so I didn’t bother much about it. However now I am trying to use the Layered Blend Per Bone, and I get the same result even if I use an animation which is played correctly in persona.
First I believed that some bones may get wrong translate values but now I noticed that the bones are placed correctly and only the mesh is splitted apart.

Any idea how this problem could be solved?


Sorry guys for bothering you, it seems that I have found the problem. I’ve just tried the same process with the default UE4 sample character and it worked properly. After a few tries I realised that somehow the non-deforming bones (like IK/FK handles etc.) coused the problem. Once I exported my character with the ‘Only deform bones’ option it worked as it should have.