Bone transformation - help!

Hello guys,

I am pretty desperate at this point. I am trying to import a model with some really basic animation (just starting out with modeling) and the animation is tiny, while the mesh is sized correctly. While importing i get the error message “Imported bone transform is different from original”. Reading up on this i found numerous similar issues and tried all the solutions I could find, but I either did something wrong or I haven’t found the right solution yet.
If anybody would be kind enough to quickly check out my blender and/or fbx file and tell me where the issue is I would be super happy :slight_smile:

.blend file:

.fbx file:

It doesn’t work because your scene unit scale is set up wrong, it should be 0.01 metric scale. Which sounds kind of weird because 1 metric scale should work too, but at the moment UE4 has a bug that messes up animations made in other scale systems (for more information see Animations from Blender using default settings don't work in UE4 - help fix the Blender FBX exporter - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums)

To fix it set the unit scale under Units to Metric 0.01, your mesh should turn tiny. After that select the rig in object mode and scale it by 100. You probably want to disable auto key before that. Then do Apply Object Transform ticking Scale on the rig first and then the mesh. They should both say 1.000 in scale when you’re done.

After doing that your animation should import correctly. Your mesh is facing the wrong way though, you might want to rotate the rig 180 degrees and apply rotation (then the mesh too) so it faces forward in UE4.