Bone to biped or way to fix animation?

Hello, everyone,

I have here a bone with animation which I would have to adapt.
As you can see in the gif, it’s slipping away from its position.

This looks ugly and is not meant to be, because it’s a waiting animation.

Gif Preview

I was looking for something and just found out that with a biped model that could use in place feature.
But for that I would have to convert the bone to a biped, which would be a bit more extensive and with several 100 models I still have to work on, too much work.
Do you know of a solution?

Thank you guys

  1. Select foot bone. Select Animation -> IK Solvers -> HI Solver. Select thigh bone.
  2. Or - you can use retargeting system in Maya/Motion Builder, it works much better then in 3dsmax.
  3. Or - use CAT instead of biped. You can retarget almost everything to CAT (Animation -> CAT -> Capture animation).

Hello YuriNK,

thank you for your Feedback.
I tried the Motion Builder Version, but I don’t know how to stop the sliding :(…

Can you give me a little hint, tried much tutorials.

Here you can see how the animation is sliding in motion builder.

Maybe this could help?

How can I remove those keys? If I try delete key and after that Collapse, they are back…but these Key Lines are that animation I don’t need…

I mean, you can use motion builder to retarget you animation to biped, then fix it in 3ds max and then retarget back to your skeleton in motion builder.

But have you tried HI Solver?