Bone orientation not transferring over from Maya properly

I am currently trying to import a character fbx from Maya with a weapon bone on her hand. The joint is oriented correctly in Maya and when I constrain the actual weapon to it in Maya the weapon snaps to the proper place. However when I import into unreal, the weapon bone on the character is no longer oriented in the proper position so when I socket the weapon to that bone, it snaps to her the wrong way. I have tried changing the rotation of the socket to make it look right, which works in the persona window however when I try playing the game, the weapon reverts back to the incorrect position. Can anyone explain why the weapon bone is not importing with the correct orientation?

I have attached two images for clarity in case my explanation doesn’t make sense. You will see in the one image from maya, the local rotation axis matches with the rest of the skeleton with the bone facing the forward in the Z direction. In the other image you will see that all of the other bones are still following that orientation however the weapon bone has the bone facing forward in the X axis.