Bone name after spawn Actor Blueprint

I shot bullet projectiles blueprint to static mesh, inside this blueprint projectiles have this algoritm: Hit Event -> Destroy Static Mesh -> spawn Blueprint (Skeleton Mesh) -> get Bone Name (Skeleton Mesh). And all time Bone Name is “null” I think becouse Hit Event already was “used” so my question is how get this bone name after spawn? Is any possible get bone name skeleton mesh from saved hit location variable?

Static meshes do not have bones. Thus the bone name on an SM hit will be empty/null.

You’d have to position and pose the skeletal mesh exactly like the sm was. take the sm hit location and do a line trace to it hitting the skeletal mesh. Then get the hit result bone name.

more detail on the reasoning behind using an SM target to spawn an SK variant would be helpful.

No you dont undarstand I swap statick mesh to skeleton mesh (destroy statick mesh and spawn skeleton mesh), and now i want read bone name this skeleton the same bullet. And I forget write statick mesh and skeleton mesh are the same shape

I’m pretty sure I comprehended your original post quite clearly.

You fire a projectile. It hits a static mesh. You destroy the static mesh the projectile hits and then spawn a skeletal mesh in its position/place.

Thus You HIT a STATIC MESH. Static meshes do not have bones, thus no bone name in the hit result.

To get a bone name on hit, you need to hit a mesh with a skeleton.

Put a pie on your desk and smack it. Now replace the pie with a bowl of rice. Which did you hit … The pie or the rice?

ok so its somehow possible read bone name from postion were projectile hit static mesh?

I answered this in my first post.

You cannot change the results of a hit. In your case you would have to spawn the sk mesh, mirror the exact position, rotation, pose of the static mesh and run another trace with the end point being the hit location.

I’m still baffled as to why you’re doing a trace on a static mesh, then using an skeletal. You should just use a skeletal to begin with. Video of what you are doing … purpose would be helpful. There may be an altogether better approach.

It will be grass so I want paint grass and swap to skeleton mesh only when hit one

For what purpose?

I cant paint using paitn tool foliage by skeleton mesh, and I want cut this grass furthermore put so many skeleton mesh everywere will kill performance I thing? Or maybe its better way make cuttable grass?

So help me? Can you show me in blueprint how make second hit event to detect bone name?