# Bone influences per vertex

What is the maximum # Bone influences you can have per vertex?

Currently its 8. Also keep in mind the engine currently prunes weights below 0.01 so if you have a very highpoly model dirven by a complex rig where a lot of bones influence an area (high probability for having meaningfully skinned vertices with bones below 0.01 threshold) then those areas can get somewhat messed up when importing.

You can change “SkeletalMeshImport.cpp”:

    const float MINWEIGHT   = 0.01f;

changing that value to 0.004f or similar will give you a few more working vertices. Values below that aren’t working consistently for me, but it might be worth a try.

Awesome thanks for the replies. I am still learning how to build rigs but, I want to make sure what I do make can be used without issue. The last thing I need is to create a rig skin a model to it, just to have the engine ignore the bones movements due to Max influences reached. This happened to me when modding Skyrim, the Gambryo engine only allows 5 influences so sacrifices were made. Anyway thanks again.

Correct me if i am wrong, but in mobile i think there is a limitation of 4

Yep mobile limitation is 4, you can further set an option to limit it to 2. Plus mobile has limitation on max number of bones.