Bone has to have simulate physics enabled if you'd like to add impulse

Hi All,

I have an issue I’ve been trying to solve for a while and I can’t make progress on it. I have a wheeled vehicle pawn that the player posses and can drive around and crash into things and other AI. This all functions fine without issue. However, if an AI bumps into the vehicle it pushes the vehicle, sometimes violently, sometimes just a nudge (a 150lb zombie can easily push a tank around, can’t solve that either but that is another issue). When I exit PIE, I’m hit with the warnings that the vehicle mesh skeleton, only the wheel bones “has to have simulate physics enabled if you’d like to add impulse”.

You can’t make the wheels in a physics asset a simulated physics type because then the vehicle doesn’t work. Also, I don’t WANT the other AI to add impulse lol! No idea how to solve this at the moment and any help would be appreciated.

I seem to have actually solved this by setting Collision Response to false in the physics asset for each wheel. Still gets pushed all around though. I wish I was as strong as a 3 years dead emaciated zombie.

I’m having the same issue here… did you ever solve it? I tried your solution but, had the same issue, vehicle still gets pushed around.

Not really, I had to do crazy work arounds with collision boxes and setting the vehicle to only simulate physics while possessed and the vehicle must be going x MPH before the AI will collide with it. Totally ridiculous but it works.

funny i’m sort on a similar mind-set in terms of workarounds… very weird… thanks for the reply!!