Bone colliders: Physics problem

Hello there,

i am working on a portable lamp carried by a character for a student game project.
I rigged and skinned the lamp with bones in Blender and after a lot of import problems, i finally got the bones working.
Bone setup:

I attatched the lamp with physics on the hand of the standard manneqin third person model as you can see here:

The problem with it is that the ropes at the end of the lamps do funny stuff. I think it is a collider problem but i don’t really know.
I am a beginner in Unreal4 and actually i can’t think of any solution for this. Has anybody worked with rigged models and physics?
May you help me?


Has no one any idea? :frowning: :frowning:

You can try setting them to kinematic in the physics asset and using AnimDynamics instead for those bones (or do a chain).

Thank you very much i’ll try that

Hello again,
i took a deeper look on the bones again and saw that one collison box was slightly hitting the others :eek: on the rope and it created a chain reaction which caused the flattering.
it works now, problem solved :slight_smile: