bone axis/rotation problems (from blender to UE4)

hi everyone.

i’m quite new, to unreal engine en blender. (installed both 1,5 month ago)
and i start working on my first game/interactive experience.
and i have run in a lot of problems sinds ;p (of course ;))
but now i have this problem where i can’t find a solution to.
i’m not quit sure of the problem is in blender or its a problem in the unreal editor.
so i hope you guys can help me out with this one. :slight_smile:

so here the problem:
i have made this model in blender (image 1A)
a skeleton and a animation with it (image 1B)


witchs i wanted it to import into UE4, and at the first sight, everything lookt alright (image 2A)
but as soon as i start the animation, things started to look really weird (image 3A, 3B & 3C)
i think UE4 has done something really weird with the axis of my bones.
and if i take a look at the skeleton tab, i think i can see the axis’s of my bones (or the bones them self) out of place (image 4A & 4B):
so i went back in blender to check de axis from my bones and meshes, and as far as i can see the axis’s for the bones and meshes are there perfectly in place (as it should be, because of using the “shift+s” methode) (image 5A & 5B)
i have searched a lot on the internet and watched a hell of a lot of tutorials for it but unfortunately i can’t find the solution for this problem… :expressionless:
and i really running out of options here… :frowning:
I’m using: windows 7, blender 2.80 & unreal editor 4.20.3
here i have a download link to this pictures, blender file & the fbx file:
so if you know a solution, please tell me! ;D
really big thanks already for reading and thinking! :wink:
gr grover

PS: i’m from the netherlands and i’m really bad at speaking and especially writting english, so srry if i made it hard to read! :wink: