Bonbon is a short horror story, about your childhood.

Even if you weren’t a small child in the UK in the mid-1980s, you’ve been here before. Just you and your friendly toys. But this new friend… this is something you are not yet able to understand.

A first-person domestic horror narrative, in which you navigate childhood events beyond your capacity to understand, and without parental context. Progression requires the completion of some simple tasks, but it is mostly about experiencing the objects and events around you. As your parents increasingly demonstrate their absence, you spend time with Bonbon, a large, overbearing and ambiguous visitor, whose presence prompts some nightmarish vignettes.
With a twist at the end and a couple of jumpy moments, the focus is on building dread based around your vulnerability and confusion as an infant, partly by approximating a child’s point of view and understanding, but also by using familiar toys and decor to evoke childhood memories in certain demographics, particularly thirty-somethings.

  • Made with UE4 and Blender, and coded in BP
  • Voice acted, including dialogue and a bedtime story!
  • Includes familiar toys, both new to 80s and 90s kids and 70s hand-me-downs
  • Play with mouse and keyboard, or a 360-style gamepad
  • Play time is around 20 to 40 minutes, depending on your play-style, and priced appropriately

Get it on from 4th August 2017
Initially for Windows, with a Mac version in the pipeline.

On the page, you’ll also find a devlog that I’ve been writing for the last couple of months.

Available now - free keys!

Showtime! Bonbon is out now via

There was a promotion to give away some free keys here, but it’s over now. Too slow!

Bonbon is coming to Steam!

I’m pleased to announce that Aetheric Games is working with Pixeljam to bring Bonbon to Steam, and it will be there on 24th October, in time for Halloween. Wishlist it now to get notified about launch and Halloween discounts. The base price is only $2.99.

It’s also still available on DRM free, and owners will get a Steam key.

If you want to read more about Bonbon, you can check out the devlogs on, or have a look at this review by Adam Smith of Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

There’s also a new version, which will go live on Steam and at the same time. Here’s an update log:


  • Created a Steam version, including Steamworks and achievements.
  • You can now move around whilst carrying objects, within limits.
  • You now have to hold ‘R’ or gamepad ‘Y’ to rotate held objects.
  • Tutorials and menus updated to reflect control changes.
  • You can now use a gamepad on the main menu by default.
  • Fixed problem with the cigarette smouldering material on low-end systems.
  • Fixed broken Bonbon “bristling” effect.
  • Fixed a bug that made carried objects misbehave inside certain trigger areas.
  • Fixed a bug that could make Bonbon not appear in the lounge if the toys were put away in a certain order.
  • Fixed a bug with cake sometimes not respawning if dropped on floor.
  • Fixed delay on the bedroom door.
  • Subtitles are now on by default.
  • Added throbber icon for loading screens and for the two blacked-out cutscenes.


  • The orange ball can no longer get stuck behind Bonbon.
  • Rubber rings are now less likely to bounce back out of the box.
  • Robot toys now have stabler and quiet physics. They are less likely to get stuck and glitch out.
  • Added a small note to the options screen to highlight that the “headbob scale” slider can help people who experience motion sickness.