Bomb that explodes when dropped on ANY mesh?

ok so i have a bomb actor that when pressing N it drops the mesh from the sky
however i want it to use its hit event so whatever it hits it fires.
i have cars and trees and zombies and alot more. i want it to fire the hit even no matter what it hits. how can i do this?

what i have that works when hitting zombies.
but when it hits my road or trees or cars it just bonces and does nothing that is not how i want it to work.
is there a way to make it hit on all world objects/actors?

Just get rid of the cast to default zombie. Your not worried what it it, just that it hit. Just connect straight from the hit event to the spawn emitter and get the location from the actor (without casting to anything).

THANKYOU yes this worked when i set the collisions like this:

Just a quick observation - from the above screenshot it looks like you are ignoring WorldDynamic objects! You probably want to change this to ‘Block’ as well!