Boiling Bolt - A 2.5D twin stick shooter


We’ve been working with my team from less than a year on our game.
The purpose of the game is to make a cooperative twin stick shooter with a cool story and nice graphic (drive by our custom particle system, Popcorn FX by the way).

The gameplay is centered between the switching of various weapon and the dodge capacity.
If you succeed to dodge at the very last seconds, it’s allowed you to slow time and multiply your score.

You can also equi 3 passive skills on your ship to personalize it at your convenience (slow but strong, quick but defenseless…)
Also, we are making various game modes (challenge, story, arcade, arena…).

Recently, we’ve made an opening to present our game.

Here some screenshots.

Hope you like it.
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Looks great. Your team did a superb job avoiding one of the common problems with 2.5D games, which is not distinguishing between what is in the foreground and what is in the background. The use of DoF and the hologram-looking wall helps a lot with that.

Whoa, that boss battle looks amazing! Great use of brilliant colors and contrast to make the scenes feel really dramatic.

This looks fantastic- great job!

I’m not usually a fan of 2.5 twin stick shooters but I have to say, what you have looks amazingly well done and very intriguing. The use of colors and level design look well thought out and planned and the gameplay looks fun! Especially with the co-op twist to it!

I’m excited to see more from your team! Keeping my eye on this project :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your feedback.
It’s always nice for a team to hear that.

We are still working on it and we will not hesitate to give you update. :wink:

Hi !

We recently upload a video to show our gameplay.
I just want to share it with you.

And some new picture of our next level.