Boids type flocking using blueprints?

I’m looking to create a simple school of fish. I did this in Unity using Boids flocking simulation. I’m new to Unreal and I’m not a very experienced coder so I would love to do this with Blueprints. Anyone out there have time to walk me through this. I looked all over the forums for crowd/flocking systems and haven’t come up with much. I’m using the latest UE 4 build. Thanks!


P.S. if someone doesn’t have the time, is there a forum were Unreal coders take on small code projects?

Search for the Epic Zen Garden app. I think it pops up as the first video on the Unreal Engine YouTube channel these days. There’s a school of fish following your finger on screen in that demo. Not sure if there are any tutorials though. You should be able to achieve this with a NavMesh, no?

I’m not sure how you can get AI flocking with a navMesh, but I’m open to suggestions on how to do it:)

Also is the Zen Garden project available? I saw it the app was released, but didn’t see it in the Marketplace…

I am also looking for either c++ code for the flocking or a blueprint. Seems like FPS AI has been prioritized over a simple thing as birds or fish flocking. If anyone finds anything on this PLEASE post here.