Bohemian Interior (WIP)

Just doodling with UE4 , my first post here after first two weeks with this monster software

hope you like it,

loads of errors (frickin UVW)

but loads of fun as well

Welcome to the forums Pkarpiozo! Nice work on the video. =)

Looks really nice!

Would it be possible to tell a little about your workflow? What were the software that you used when creating this, how long it took to create and what were the biggest challenges/time consuming par?

I have been doing some architectural rendering with Render engines and I would like to test UE4. I have experience only from Unity 3D but I would really like to test UE4 after seeing these nice examples in this forum.


mk1978 as it is my first try on ue4 i was expecting a lot of trouble but actually it was not that hard, it is very user firendly editor.

I used models found on internet and few of them ive made myself in sketchup or 3ds max, than most time consuming part was UVW unwrap them,
next step importing meshes into ue4, materials were made form scratch in ue4

walls made in sketchup

it took one week, few hours a day.

Ive learned a lot form tutorials and scenes you could download from marketplace