Body Setup: pointer to incomplete class type is not allowed

Hey gang. I have a problem that’s been a snag for me for awhile, and I could use some more info about it.

I’m trying to make a pointer to the BodySetup of a component, but whenever I try to use said BodySetup’s variables or functions, I get an “error: pointer to incomplete class type is not allowed”. I don’t know why this is a problem in particular, since I can successfully make references to some other data in the component and use their variables/functions.

Am I missing an import for BodySetup, or does my Project.Build need some additional information besides the defaults? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You need to include BodySetup.h, and not BodySetup.generated.h.

Also, this is an intellisense error, not a compiler error. It is probably the best idea to turn them off completely - they just waste time and rarely “say” anything useful.

I see, thanks NegInfinity.

I tried importing BodySetup at first, but #include “BodySetup.h” wasn’t coming up as an option. I looked a little more carefully, and I found that I had to use #include “PhysicsEngine/BodySetup.h” instead. Things check out for now, and I can finally get moving again. Cheers!