Bobbing Left and Backwards

Hi, I am try to get full camera bobbing with the movement keys. So far I can’t seem to figure out why left and back doesn’t work at all. I have been using this as reference: How to Make a Camera Bobbing Blueprint? - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums
Thank you for your . I hope you can figure this out.


Have you thought about running off the Axis Value, if negative then do backwards and left. IF positive the opposite.

Axis Value for the Input Axis Mapping or the Head Bobbing Axis?

I am still having trouble, can you explain it to me in more detail?


The axis will give you a positive to negative number.

At the moment you are running the same BOB when you are walking forward or backwards.

You would need to split them, not sure if this will work with your coding but you could do something like this.

This is not the right camera shake, but you should get the idea.

Example: Top one = Forward BOB / Bottom one = Backward BOB

Thank you for replying and helping me so far! I have tried your method and a modification of your example which is below! But it doesn’t bob at all. I know I am doing something stupidly wrong here but I just can’t seem to find it. Also what Am I suppose to put in the float for > and <. Thanks a bunch!

[alt text


Remember in you Setup, there 1 and -1 unless you have changed them

So if you are looking less than -1, you will not get a result as it is -1. Try with 0 and see how that turns out.


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Here’s a photo for future new comers! Thanks again!!!

Without the Shake plugged in, plug in some Print strings to make sure it is getting called.

Just ran it and it works for me.

Clip - Uploading nnow


Example - Print Strings

*** ALSO you have no scale setup

If you have just one “Shake” for forward and backward movements you could also use “ABS” for scale.