Boba Fett

Hey folks!

Here’s a digital version of a Boba Fett rendition originally done by Sideshow Collectibles. Their mythos line is really amazing and inspirational! This is the first project where I used Substance Painter exclusively for the textures (all in 4k, created in about a day). He is fully rigged and has APEX clothing applied.

Boba only marks the beginning of a series of Star Wars models I plan to do in the near future.

Hope you enjoy!

Nice work , love the caracter design of star wars …

dam_n it i need S.Painter & indie pack

awsome good looking buba fett

looks good, as always nicely done:)

Thanks guys!

Awesome ! Good work dude !

Nice work and timely given the new Star Wars teaser trailer release.

Nice work. It was even mentioned in the Substance facebook page : Redirecting...

Do you plan to release it (keep in mind you are in a release section :wink: ) ?

Thanks! I don’t plan to release it though, sorry. (In terms of the section, check the full description :wink: "For announcing the release of new products, or showing off your completed work")

WOW! Fantastic work The_Distiller! I am a huge Boba Fett fan and this just blows me away. Keep up the fantastic work!

Where can I download this?